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Music is Our Objective - Technology the Means

DALI speakers are characterized by sublime quality and engaging sound experience across a wide area in any room.

A key contributing factor to DALI's superiority is exclusive DALI driver units designed from scratch by our engineers in close collaboration with experts from the world's leading driver manufacturers. With our unique driver technologies we are able to design and build speaker systems that makes it possible for listeners to hear their favorite music exactly as the artists intended. It gives us great satisfaction to breathe life into recorded music and create a credible illusion of being there in tribute to the performers and out of respect for the audience.

However, creating that great authentic DALI sound demands so much more than a passion for music. Constant research in the acoustic sciences, development of new technologies and empowerment of our employees as well as monitoring customer feedback is our recipe. Our commitment to excellence and honest reproduction shines through in every DALI loudspeaker.

Dali Epicon

Dali Epicon Series

Essence of Music

Great music touches us, moves us, means something to us. Somehow, it is always capable of bypassing our private filters to bring us joy, tears, laughter, even a sense of fellowship with the world surrounding us. So when music is accurately reproduced - honestly and authentic, we come that much closer to our true selves.

And this is where the brand new DALI EPICON 6 enters the frame, for sound reproduction wholly in the service of music. In other words, we have no choice but to name the EPICON series DALI's new flagship. It's simply that good!

Dali Helicon MK2 Series

This all-new range delivers sonic realism to enable and encourage a willing suspension of disbelief that transports you to another time and place where you can forget all about technology and audio systems and lose yourself in a thrilling musical or cinematic experience.

The revitalized DALI HELICON MK2 series continues to build on our considerable experience in designing loudspeakers to be as true to the original sound as possible.

Models: 800 MK2, 400MK2, Phantom, 400LE, 300MK2, S600, C200

Dali Rubicon Series

Bringing you a step closer to "the real thing". For more than three decades we have been devoted to the pursuit of audio excellence. DALI RUBICON is yet another landmark on that journey. Designed and crafted in Denmark, RUBICON stands on the shoulders of the EPICON series; building on the innovative driver technology to bring a room-filling audio experience to the broadest audience. With a simple, sleek, stylish design, RUBICON elegantly brings the feeling of a live performance to your home.

Models: Rubicon 8, Rubicon 6, Rubicon 5, Rubicon 2, Rubicon Vokal,  Rubicon LCR

Dali Opticon Series

Striking sound that can both soar and soothe is at the heart of the DALI OPTICON range alongside purity of image at any volume, rich detail and a sweeping soundstage – as always; designed in admiration of music. All models feature DALI’s own unerringly accurate woofer and tweeter modules, plus our proprietary SMC (Soft Magnetic Compound) pole piece.

Models: Opticon 1, Opticon 2, Opticon 5, Opticon 6, Opticon 7, Opticon Vokal, Opticon LCR

Dali Zensor Series

By introducing the brand new ZENSOR series, DALI launches a genuine hi-fi loudspeaker range applied with refined in-house technology. Heritage from DALI high-end speakers is evident, while performance and appearance join forces to create a most satisfying best-in-class audio-visual experience.

Consisting of four models, the entry-level ZENSOR family covers all needs from a compact stereo to an ambitious multi-channel set up.

Models: Zensor 1, Zensor 3, Zensor 5, Zensor 7,  Zensor Vokal

Dali Fazon/ Motif Series

All in all you get a very stylish system of simplistic, yet sophisticated Scandinavian design with FAZON SAT 5.1-2. A system that won’t distract your eye but certainly attract your attention, as you listen to it in your home. Enjoy a full music experience with FAZON SAT 5.1-2!Incorporation high finish with DALI sound, this series is the best introduction one can get to DALI, and at a price point that does not need much convincing.

Models: Fazon Sat, Fazon, Sat 5.1-1, Fazon 5.1.2, Fazon 2.1, Fazon Sub 1, Fazon Sub 2, Fazon LCR, Motif LCR, Motif Center

Dali Fazon F5


FAZON F5 is nothing like the vast majority of loudspeakers on the market. It is the genuine mixture of craftsmanship, performance, and aesthetics to fulfill the dream of a new era's loudspeaker.

FAZON F5 is the image of future loudspeaker design and performance, matching the varying moods and needs of your day. From sleepy radio listening in the morning, reflecting music enjoyment in the aftermoon, to movies in the evening or partying on a Saturday night. To spell it out: FAZON F5 unites form and function, gets shape into sound and sound in good shape!

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